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レストラン ピエトリーノ



Let's taste a blessing of the earth of Karuizawa!


We put a lot of labor into dishes at Pietrino, in which local-made cooking ingredients were used as much as possible. Thanks to the cooperation of farming families in the neighborhood, garden-fresh vegetables were used in our dishes. Salads and Pasta using those vegetables that were grown with delicious water and air of Karuizawa are condensation of the blessing of Karuizawa on the plate. Please enjoy the taste of local ingredients of Karuizawa with our colorful tasteful dishes.


Our specialty: handmade pasta


The pasta is essential to Italian cuisine. Several kinds of handmade pasta in addition to spaghetti and penne are prepared, such as orecchiette"(It's a pasta meaning "small ear" from Southern part of Italy), "Bigoli" (It is an extruded pasta in the form of a long and thick tube. It is Veneto district pasta.), "Tagliatelle" (Individual pieces of tagliatelle are long, flat ribbons that are similar in shape to fettuccine.) and "gnocchi"(With a kind of the dumpling-shaped pasta, it is made with a potato and wheat flour.). Enjoy the texture of our specialties with congenial source.


The meat dishes which fully inspires the delicious taste of the ingredient


Not only is our labor used for vegetables, but also into the meat. "Shinshu Wagyu" and "Shinshu Alps Beef" are grown under natural environment with pure natural water flowing from the Japanese Alpine mountains. "Shinshu Rice Pig (Shinshu Kome Buta)" is known for sweet taste with non-rich fat. "Shinshu Herb Chicken (Shinshu Herb Dori)" with rich flavor was grown with good care and fed with natural herb. Experience the meat dishes at Petrino like no other.


Enjoy the patissier handmade cake at home!


Pietrino offers patissier handmade dessert after a meal. The fruit as which a season is felt, which colored, and the patissier went to the local farmhouse on the morning of the day, and gathered a harvest to mature sweets and which can be taken is used. The plan is elaborated so that you can enjoy various textures using a number of cloth of moderate sweet taste and acidity. Moreover, takeout cakes are also available.